Implementation - Part A 6. Sending Weekly Transfer Information and Requesting Scanned Cheque (Check) for Model A

Instructions for clients on pulling report detail to balance to the weekly deposit received. The routing information is required and uploaded for Finance to set up the deposit account.

Send the following to the client

  • Keep the Read and Save handy to pull the User Name and Password 

If a conversion – do not send the Credit for transaction fees section or the attachment that should go along with the email 


Start Up Credit for transaction fees  


As the model you have signed for charges a transaction fee, we do realize most campgrounds have reservations they will need to enter into ASTRA prior to going live.  To receive credit back we need the following; 


  • Fill out the attached spreadsheet with the reservations that you are requesting credit for.    
  • Once you have been trained and your reservations are being entered into ASTRA, please record the date entered and the transaction ID next to each.   When complete, send the completed list to me and I’ll forward to finance to request credit on these fees. 


Finance will credit based on the initial spreadsheet that was submitted but requires the accommodation report for audit purposes.    If there are additional transactions on the ACCOMODATION report, you will not receive credit for the surplus.  The ONLY surplus that will be accounted for is any TEST transactions you may have entered.  These TEST transactions must be entered using the first name TEST and the last name TEST. 


If you DO NOT have any reservations to enter as start up – please reply to this email to let me know. 



Accounting Portal to weekly deposit reports 


Please scan and email a copy of a VOID check.   This is required for setup with Finance to arrange the transfer of your weekly deposits. 


This will be the link and login you keep on hand to balance back to the deposits that are being transferred to you each Friday.  You will be able to download a summary and view detail if desired. 


Click Accounting on the left-hand menu 


Finance deposits each Fri on a Fri to Thurs schedule (for the portal, please add a day to the report) and runs one week behind.    If the fees exceed the credit card deposit amount, the fees will be adjusted on the next available deposit. 


Enter the desired date range for reports (all can be exported to excel) (example of REPORT option) shown below. 


EXPORT will export a summary of the date range, if detailed is required, you much select the download icon (right hand side) on each date listed.   This will create a daily file. 


Additional report options are ACCOMMODATIONS, CREDIT CARD, REVENUE 

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated


Once you have received the scanned cheque, please upload it to Box under Aspira Implementation


NOTE: If the park mentions they do not have a cheque, they may submit a Bank Letter.   Routing #’s will not be accepted by any other means than a cheque image or Bank Letter.  As well, if a Bank Letter or Cheque image is received but is in another name other than the park name or corporate entity that has signed, simply save out the email and upload along with the cheque to serve as backup. 


Finance will reach out if a transfer is ready and the routing information has not yet been received.   Currently, this person is  She will simply want you to reach out to the client again and when you receive, simply upload and send her a quick email.   No need to email her if the routing information has been rec’d upon request the first time.