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Astra After Hour Emergency Support Rotation and Payout & Vacation Scheduling

Current Process of After Hours Support/Payout and Vacation Scheduling.


Latest Rotation Order

Team Member Phone
Dino Mollica 905-380-8126
Stewart Dick 289-501-1233
Adrienne Tanner 905-650-3792
Leeza Valdez 956-373-4799
Scott Taylor** **905-932-6786
Ken Brady 905-327-8971
Jennifer McClurkin 209-605-3805
Krystal Boren # coming soon

**Notes** - Scott has been removed from Afterhours rotation as of March 5 2023 w/MGR approval**

  • Current schedule posted in the shared ASTRA SUPPORT calendar.
  • Staff are rotated through each holiday.
  • Rotation often changes due to change in rotation to accommodate holiday or vacations. Scheduling will try to allow for the longest breaks in between rotation shifts.
  • Newer team members get added into the schedule when they are trained and prepared.
  • If someone wants to change a week or day, they are responsible for arranging a swap with another team member to cover their week themselves.
  • If the change is during the current week – notification needs to be sent to Central Communications.


Notifying Central Communications weekly on Monday Mornings of the person on after hours

Current Process

Each Monday morning (before noon EST), email operations@centralcommun.com with the name of tech(s) on call. If they do not hear from you by approx. 2pm EST, they will reach out asking who is on call for the week.

New Process

After Hours Agent Assignment Open Phone Admin

1 launch Open Phone
2 select Settings
3 select Phone Numbers
4 select You Number - Astra Support 800-547-9147
5 scroll down to Call flow
6 select Phone menu
7 select menu option number 4's phone number
8 choose a destination - forward to an Open Phone number
9 Select Astra After Hours
10 press enter to forward calls to this number


To: operations@centralcommun.com

Subject: o/c agent 10/24 - 10/30 - After Hours

Here is the o/c agent this week:
10/24 – 10/30:
Daniel Huang
Cell - 905-359-2239"




Astra After Hours Hubspot Report


This is received by Central Communications each Monday at 9am EST.

  1. Download and save email out to weekly After Hr Tracking File
  2. Count # of Calls and record on TXT file
  3. Name of Tech
  4. Start/End date of week on call
  5. Call Count X $20/call plus $100 per week to stand by
  6. If no calls during the week, the tech on call still receives $100 to be available


Payouts bi-weekly


Payout values due to payroll as early as possible in the morning EST. Email should go to raopayroll@aspiraconnect.com and a CC to Danielle.Stafford@aspiraconnect.com; Yesica.Munoz@aspiraconnect.com . Values required are TECH NAME, DATE of CALL WEEK and TOTAL AMT of PAYOUT.   # of calls and standby payout detail not required.


After Hour assistance required from team (non-DEV related) – TBD

  • Current process – tech on call will contact  Stewart, Stewart will reach out for assistance
  • Team Member that assists also receives $20


Central Communications after hour contact – TBD

  • Current process – if central does not receive confirmation from tech on call, they will reach out a second time 10 min later.   If still no response, they will text or call my cell. I will confirm and try the tech myself, handle the call if able or find another tech to handle the call.

Location of all After Hours Payout report docs

HUBSPOT After Hours call tracking report



Central Communications must be notified ahead of time (month or min a couple weeks ahead). They will reach out if they do not hear from us.


Labor Day – we are closed (emergency support only)

Good Friday – we are closed (emergency support only)

Christmas Day - we are closed (emergency support only)

New Year’s Day - we are closed (emergency support only)

Boxing Day – we are open

Canada Day – we are open

Civic Holiday – we are open

Thanksgiving Day – we are closed (emergency support only)

Family Day – we are open

Victoria Day – we are open



By default, we have no more than 2 off for a week’s time.   If I 3rd needs a day during this time, should not be an issue.   Fridays and Mondays of long weekends, we need to try to avoid having 3 off.