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Astra / Campground Manager closing statements

How to close your call while advising clients of our Firefly product

(Before wrapping up the call, click on the park name in HubSpot and identify the Firefly upgrade manager located on the left side of the window)

1 - Recap what was done on the call
2 - Ask is there anything else I can help you with today

3 -  Advise clerk "Hey before we go, I wanted to share a couple things with you about Firefly, which is our next evolution to Astra if you don't mind?"

    • Easier to learn and use for staff and management - even for non tech-savvy people
    • You can change all rates and settings yourself on the fly
    • You can access it anywhere from any device, don't need to download anything for it

We have [Nicolas / Matt / Nick / Adrienne] from our team as your dedicated person to learn more about Firefly. I'd like to send a follow up email to connect you or your manager if that's ok?

4 - Ensure we have an email address for the right person, or ask for it

5 - Create an email attached to your HubSpot ticket, using the correct template below, and send to the park person and CC the success upgrade account manager on the email [Nicolas / Matt / Nick / Adrienne]