Astra FAQs - All


Note - This is legacy information for Astra

As of November 30th, 2023 the Astra Cloud Software and BookYourSite were Discontinued


I just bought Classic xx year(s) ago. Do I have to buy the software again?

This software is completely new from the ground up. It is not necessary to convert to Astra and there may be business reasons to stay with Classic for the time being. There will however be a fee to convert from Classic to Astra when you decide to do so. The fee for current Classic users will be the Astra list price less a discount for every year you were on the Classic support plan. The number of years you have used Classic also comes into the calculation. Please contact our sales desk to receive your exact credit amount available to your park.

Will this work on an iPad/Android tablet/ any of the large “phablet” phones on the market?

Through our SaaS cloud based connectivity you may access and use Astra with a mobile device connected to the internet.

What are the differences between Campground Manager Classic and Astra Software?

  • Speedy flexible SQL database
    Astra allows native connections to all leading databases, including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and other JDBC/ODBC compliant databases, providing enough processing power and versatility for the job at hand.
  • Multiplatform
    • Astra can operate natively on both Mac OSX, Windows or in a mixed operating system environment.
    • Real Time Online Bookings through

Astra can receive and process online bookings while you sleep! Complete integration between Astra and our online portal allows up-to-the minute availability and pricing that you’ve come to expect in other industries like hotels and airlines

  • Advanced Rate Scheme Capabilities and multi tier pricing
    Design rates schemes for daily, weekly, monthly or annual customers. Tier pricing from the longest to shortest period. Span rates over peak and low seasons. Set different prices for any day of the week. There’s no figuring or manual calculation necessary. It automatically follows the rules you set.
  • Integrated Point of Sale module for your camp store
    Point of Sale functionality is built into Astra. This gives you the power to completely integrate all facets of your operation into one software package. Easily add additional charges or store purchases to any customer folio. Detailed inventory tracking and purchase ordering let you manage your stock levels and order the right amount of stock delivered when you need it.
  • Multi Park Capabilities
    Manage more than one park within the same database. Quickly move between locations to view and enter data. Park transactions remain separately tagged but can be combined to get consolidated reporting or search for availability across multiple properties. Talk to our sales staff for more details.
  • Integrated Map and Grid combination
    Get the best of both worlds with our Map and Grid combination. Easily move between the interactive grid and map while viewing detailed customer information all on the same screen. The grid is terrific for locating vacant slots of time while the map is ideal for seeing the big picture, location oriented view of the park. It is perfect for new staff helping them get familiar with the park quickly.
  • Advanced Discounting and Commission Capabilities
    Assign multiple discounts in any combination to accommodations, store items or services. Discounts can be configured to require a valid coupon code or membership number for validation. Discounts can be a percentage or dollar amount and can work for both online or walkup customers. Sales commissions can also be tracked using Astra.
  • Create and Manage Quotes
    Transactions can be created and stored as a quote indefinitely. A quote can be turned into a live transaction by simply changing its status. Store multiple stay scenarios for the same customer until they finalize their decision. Clear old expired quotes with one mouse click.
  • Membership Tracking
    Create and store membership information for loyalty tracking and discount programs.
  • Strong Financial Reporting, Audit Trail and Accounting Integration
    Accurate, reliable financial reporting is the cornerstone of Astra. Solid day-end procedures ensure that funds are balanced and journal entries are recorded for use with Quick Books Pro G/L and other accounting packages. A complete audit trail exists making it easy to track down errors.
  • Customized look and feel
    Create you own look and feel by setting list, font and background colors for any system user. Change the layout of any list or report displaying only the data you want to see and in any order required.
  • Multi Language capabilities.
    Astra uses built in translation tables to display all window labels and messages. Because of this unique design all screens can be quickly translated into other languages.
  • Clean, easy user interface
  • Cloud or Locally Hosted
    Astra can be hosted on our cloud servers through our SaaS (software as a service) option or hosted locally on your own park network. The SaaS option requires high speed, reliable internet at your park to be a feasible solution. There are pros and cons with each alternative but what’s most important is, that you have the option to choose what’s right for you!
  • Security
    Login requires a security code and based on this code a user can be granted access to specific areas of the program. There are 3 predefined user levels namely Manager, Assistant and Clerk. Software administrators can create their own variations of these default user levels for special cases if they wish.

Can Astra accept online bookings?

Yes! CMA can be completely integrated with (BYS). Your entire site inventory is automatically synchronized with BYS so your customer knows if you have sites available. The site fee is calculated based on the rates found in your CM database for 100% accurate pricing. Online bookings are imported into your park for processing and payment through your processor so you get paid right away!

Why is there a charge for Tech Support?

Our Support program fees include much more than technical support. It is true we have the largest and most knowledgeable support staff in the industry, but we also have a team of programmers working alongside the support people to ensure Astra meets your needs today and tomorrow. For over 20 years we have been building and improving our software in response to our customers suggestions and requests. As a result we have delivered many enhancements over the years including our integrated online booking system™ (BYS). All support program subscribers get a free webpage on the BYS website and iPhone/Android app, as well as free updates to Astra as they are released.

What is my Astra investment?

Astra pricing will vary for each park. It is based on factors like the number of sites and number of concurrent users. Pricing will also be different between Locally hosted and Cloud SaaS. Please ask for a formal quote to receive a firm price. We periodically have reduced pricing and specials so it does not hurt to ask. 

What are your support hours?

Our hours of support are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern time. Please call 1-800-547-9147 and completely listen to the phone options to get the appropriate emergency phone number to call. Please limit use of this service to emergencies. Thank you.

Will I need training?

Astra is intuitive and easy to use. If you’ve used property management software in the past, the transition should be quick and easy. As part of your software purchase we provide a two-hour online training session with you and your staff to help you get started. Our trainer will connect over the internet to your office computer and take you through the basics to help you get started. All new customers are automatically enrolled in our support program—giving you access to all the training videos available on our Support page. There’s also a good online manual to refer to but if all else fails, you can call our support staff toll free to ask specific questions. We do offer on-site training if you would like one of our technicians to train at your park. We also offer training at our facility. 

Can I use Astra from home and work?

Yes, but the approach is different between locally hosted vs SaaS systems. SaaS is the easiest way to accomplish this. Since the database is located in a secure centralized location on the internet you will only require a computer and high speed internet service to access the same data that is used at the park. With locally hosted systems, the remote user would have to gain control of a workstation at the park using a special service like “Log Me In”. This would tie up the park computer while the remote user worked on the system. This method would only be practical after hours or if the park workstation was not needed all the time.

What if I want to renumber my sites?

There is no problem renumbering sites. You can do this quickly and easily on your own. Simply edit the site numbers and the map will dynamically redraw. Refer to our user manual for more information.

Can I write my own reports?

Astra comes with dozens of pre-built reports. The extensive use of lists within the program allows you to modify the content of the lists, sort, and subtotal on the various columns and print or export the results on virtually any list. The custom list views you create can also be stored for future reference or to generate further reports. Please refer to the how-to videos in the support section to find out how to create ad hoc lists and reports. If building reports is not for you please ask us and we will be glad to help you or create a report that you are looking for.

Can I make changes to the rates and other setup items on my own?

Of course! You can change most anything in the system. We set up your rates and taxes initially to help you get started and to shorten the learning curve. You can make changes at any time. For some things like rates and taxes you may want to consult our support desk to review your strategy before getting started. Some changes may impact other areas that may not be obvious to you.

Can you transfer information from my current version of Campground Manager- Classic or other database program into Astra?

Yes. Currently some information can be transferred. If you can get the names, addresses. emails and phone numbers in a tab delimited spreadsheet such as Excel, we will clean up the incomplete names and duplicates and import them before you go live with the software. Having the names of repeat customers will greatly speed up the conversion process when entering transactions and reservations. We can also import Point-Of-Sale store items if they can be prepared in the same way, they too can be imported saving a great deal of product setup. We of course, do all the setup of the rates and taxes for you before delivering your software. Once received you’ll be ready to enter reservations.

NOTE: In the months to come, we are aiming to have a transaction converter that will recreate your reservation and billing transactions. Please check the website for updates on this feature.

Why did you create another reservation product?

Astra represents the next generation of management software for the campground industry. We have been able to do great things over the years extending the life of our original Campground Manager product but with new technologies and hardware products the time was right to switch to a new platform. A significant change has been made under the hood. Astra utilizes the power of a SQL database engine adding a new dimension to its speed and capabilities. It provides a solid foundation to build on, today and well into the future. The advent of powerful mobile devices and online requirements were also a contributing factor in our decision.

How long would it take to get my software delivered and running if I ordered today?

It takes about 4 weeks from the time we receive your signed contract, map of your park, rates, taxes and park rules at our office. We create your park map and embed it in the software. We also set up your rates and taxes prior to shipping it to you. Once you receive the software you can begin entering reservations.

Does Astra / BookYourSite™ Astra integrate with any accounting packages?

Yes, it does. The system creates the journal entries and creates a full audit trail for every transaction. It then downloads those journal entries to any one of 7 different GL packages. (Quickbooks Pro, Peachtree, Businessworks, Mas90, MRI, Yardi and Timberline). The system strictly adheres to the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and activity can be recorded on an accrual or a cash basis.

What operating systems can I use?

For a locally hosted system you can use Windows 7,8,10, 2008 Server or MacOSX 10.8 to current. For SaaS (Software as a Service) customers you may use the OS’s listed above including iOS 8.0 or newer (app required) and Android 5.0 and newer (app may be required). For more system details see the System Requirements section.

What are the system hardware requirements?

The system requirements vary between the hosting method you choose. Generally most computers built in the last 3 years will be suitable as a file server or workstation. Please see the System Requirements section to learn more.

Is there a limit to the number of users that can access Astra?

No, there is no limit to the number of concurrent users accessing the database at the same time. Astra pricing is partly based on the number of concurrent users that require access the system at one time. Each connected workstation must have a unique license to access the database. You must determine the number of connections you will need to run your business. The number of users can be increased at any time by purchasing additional licenses. 

What are the advantages of a Cloud Hosted (SaaS) system?

With the SaaS option you no longer have to network computers together. Each computer has to be connected to the internet and the system will know which machines are on the same network. You never have to worry about off-site backups and software upgrades, we do all that for you. You can connect to the system from any internet connection no matter where you are. There are many more advantages, please call us should you like to investigate.

What are the advantages of a Locally Hosted system?

One advantage of a locally hosted system is that it does not rely on connectivity to the internet as the SaaS system does. Some locations have poor or spotty internet service making it impossible to maintain a continuous connection to the database. The locally hosted system gives the park’s IT staff complete control over the network and database.

What is the difference between Locally Hosted and Software as a Service (SaaS)?

A “Locally Hosted” system means you are responsible for providing the server on which the park data will reside. You must also setup and maintain a Local Area Network (LAN) if you require more than one workstation to access the data at the same time. You will also be responsible for backing up the data and updating the software when new releases are available. With SaaS we host the data for you on a secure server located on the internet (cloud computer). We also back up your data and are responsible for updating the software. You must only provide a computer, a printer, and reliable internet connectivity.