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Astra Saas Cloud to Locally Hosted Conversion

Parks not ready to convert to Firefly Prior to November 30


To allow a lower monthly cost (thank what is on the sheet)

Parks that have positive sentiment to move to Firefly during 2024

Just waiting for Firefly feature gaps to be filled


  • They will need to sign a contract (coming soon)
  • Fees will be $120 per conversion including 1 Server and 1 workstation, each additional work station will be $40 in addition to the initial $120 fee
  • This can be discussed with a pre installation consult with Scott 
  • They will have a monthly cost that will be based on the average of what they paid in 2022 - set as a new monthly plan that carries them through 2024
  • After a signed contract, they will need to schedule their local install of Astra with Scott - hopefully Scott will have a chance at dissuading them from going local, because it really does not serve parks well in the long run 
  • Reduced support - no weekend or emergency support coverage, 24 hour turnaround time on requests
  • There will be no development on Astra local
  • They will be losing BYS online reservations
  • They will need to book an appointment with Scott to complete the installation
  • Parks must meet these hardware requirements
  • Their system will be down during the local install possibly 1-2 hours
  • Model A customers will have to set up new processing with i3 to us Model D - typically 2-3 weeks
  • Having to make 2 migrations   
    • Astra Local Hardware