ASTRA - Manual - Creating a New User in Astra

Creating a new User

Click on “Application” and Admin and App Security and Users

Click on “New”

Enter First Name, Last Name, Initials, choose Role from the drop down menu.

Enter User.  Password is Temporary Password : “pswd” 

Click on Admin or Application User

Click “Update”

You will see the line being created at the bottom and Close the window

Go to Astra and Log out 

Enter in your User and temporary password “pswd” and click on Login 

The system will prompt you to change your password.

Once you are in and you need to find your clerk Id. Goto Astra and User

Enter your credentials.

If you are Admin or Assistant, you can Renew your Id and if you are a clerk you can not Renew your Id and will have to keep your Id that’s available to you.