ASTRA - Manual - Creating Initial Meters

Creating Meters

Go to Application – Admin – Data Tools – Batch Meter Creation

Press the Update button and hit Ok

Select your site and click on “Create”

Click “Yes”


Entering Initial Meter Readings

Instructions to enter Initial readings first.

Go to Setup – Park -Meter Assignment

For a new Meter, park owner/employee would enter the reading here (only for initial setup)


To enter the readings on weekly/monthly basis.

Go to Work – Meter – Meter Reading Dashboard

Park owner/clerk enters their Meter Readings here

Enter the date and Refresh


Once the Meter Readings are entered, all payments can be processed by going to “Processing” tab

You can “Select All” as highlighted below and click on “Process Selected”

Or you can randomly highlight and click on “Process Selected with Zero rate” if you don’t want to charge the customer but do want to record the transactions. 

You can Print/Email invoices as well.