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Discontinuation of Map modification and creation services

All software (Firefly, Astra, Campground Manager), map services no longer an internally provided service

November 21 2023


Astra, Campground Manager and Firefly reservations have stopped providing reservation software map services. From this date moving forward a decision has been made to no longer provide internal map creation or modifications. Moving forward any such changes will need to be performed and conducted externally from our day to day core business operations


All existing campgrounds requiring map modifications, or new software clients requiring map creation. Please have and our clients contact our map change partner


New map creation: The Map Squad  https://themapsquad.com

Existing map/site modification (3rd party): Fiver https://www.fiverr.com/


Positioning statement for our end users

"At this time we are using all of our resources to focus on the production of the best possible reservation software in the industry. Our support staff will be here to provide you with the fastest professional service to help with any and all of your questions and needs regarding our product. As we continue to develop a better platform for you to operate your business we will suggest that any future map creation be designed by the best in the industry as well. We do have a partner company I can place you in contact with for any necessary changes"


Map Squad - how it works 

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