Email Standards - Inbound Cases

These are the pillars of a successful and mandatory response to all inbound client inquiries.

All client inquires are unique and will always pose a different challenge. As all situations are unique and require a customized and tailored response we cannot expect our responses to be completely uniform. The objective of the email standards will provide to our clients is a consistent and accurate response. Please use this as a guideline that should be the foundation within each and all responses. Every Customer, Every Time


  • We should always begin the response by addressing the person who has reached out to us by their name. It is not always formal but is a personalized touch that you are invested in the personal conversation

Summarize inquiry

  • We will briefly reiterate the description of the support request.. When the client receives our response we will have stated their question followed by our answer.


  • All solutions are to be replied in plain English. No slang, jargon, acronyms that people internally would understand that not all people with no education of our platform would not .
  • Answers can be stated with or without photographs, with or with out knowledge based article links. Article links (if availble) should be included in the first response to a client to avoid a second reply or question from a client that may not understand our explanation.
  • Any step by step detailed answers should be denoted by bullet points or numbered lists.

Summary/Closing Statement

  • Reiterate the solution to the question has been provided, if one question was asked or 2 solutions if 2 questions were asked.
  • Ask if there is anything further with this issue we can assist them with.
  • Thank them for choosing fireflyreservations.
  • Followed by your signature which should be setup in Hubspot


Good morning (customer name), Good afternoon( customer name), Good day (customer name), Good evening (customer name), Hello (customer name), Thank you (customer name)

Summarize inquiry:

"We understand that you are having an issue changing the price of your addons"


"These steps will help you change the pricing for ADDONS
1 - click on the settings option in the left window pane
2 - click on the addons sub category option etc....."

Summary/Closing Statement:

"(customer), we have provided directions step by step on how you can modify the pricing for your addons. Please let us know if there is anything unclear or that we can assist you with moving forward with this topic. 

Thank you for choosing fireflyreservations, we look forward to serving your soon."