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Implementation/Production Notes

Implementation Notes to help keep production running smoothly. The following notes are a hand off of the final stage. These were created with the general knowledge of the Implementation Pipeline already in place.

INSTALL NOTICEbeing replaced by Hubspot

Your software is ready for install.   Please follow the steps below and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Step 1




Step 2


Click here to book an afternoon training time

Click here to book a morning training time


SCHEDULING CONVERSIONS – no more than 1 per week


When the park goes in for review – reach out to the customer with a PROPOSED schedule.   The following is what I have found works best.

  • Proposed schedule should be AQUIRING FINAL DATABASE as early as possible in the day on a Monday or Tuesday.   Return on Converted DATA/PREINSTALL 2 days later – therefore Wednesday or Thursday.   Training should also be booked the day of the Preinstall/Return of DATA.
  • Explain they will be running manually until the conversion data is returned.
  • Use Scott’s Booking Link to Schedule both (Acquire DB and PREINSTALL)



  • Training should be booked for 2 or 3pm EST the day the converted data is returned. The reason is this gives DEV a little more time to review the data and pass to Scott to update the workstations and setup the Credit Card Integration.


Items to ensure Production moves forward

  • ASTRA Database (ideally created once DCF has been received)
  • Read and Save Sheet
  • Licenses
  • CC Integration
  • Next STEPS column can be used simply for reminder notes
  • Scott will enter Go Live DATE once he sees this flow thru his calendar.


Items to monitor to keep implementation going….

  1. Reach back out to client if no DCF/MAP has been rec’d.
  2. Reach out to Chris is MAP has not been rec’d.
  3. Reach out to Client if INSTALL is not booked within a reasonable amount of time.
  4. Keep an eye on Scott’s availability (ie: vacation/days off) when scheduling.