Implementation - Part B 2. Creating a New ASTRA client profile in Pandora and tracking the Park Code

Using Pandora will allow you to create the registration keys and Park ID required to set up the ASTRA databse.

Creating New ASTRA client profile in Pandora and tracking Park Code

Log into the Pandora server


Use your credentials to access and ensure you have the completed DCF handy to pull the park info from.


To set up a customer profile

  1. Click on the Setup Customer icon
  2. Click on the New icon

ID – autogenerated

GROUP – redundant but can change to N/A

ADDRESS INFO – enter as required

               Name, Address, City, Zip, State, Phone, Email, WebSite

The balance of the fields are now redundant – you can ignore.


3. Click the Details Tab

a) Place a check box on CM and CM Owner and select UPDATE

The balance of the fields and tabs can now be ignored.

NOTE: After selecting UPDATE, click onto another park in the list and back to the newly setup park to REFRESH.

4. Select Print and save out PDF.

5. Utilize PDF to edit and record DB (Database) name and Park Code.  
6. Upload a copy to the Hubspot Implementation Record.

Keep on hand for the next step – Creating the ASTRA Database.