Implementation - Part B 3. Creating the ASTRA Database

Creating the ASTRA Database for production and implementation.

Creating the ASTRA Database


Log into the DEV & CONV Server



NOTE: For the first time, a DUMP file needs to be created under your user profile.

Step 1

Create a DUMP folder within your profile – documents folder.


Creating the DUMP file

Open the SQL Workbench located on the task bar of the DEV Server

a) Click on the grey rectangle labeled Local instance MySQL56

b) Click DATA EXPORT from the left menu

c) Scroll thru the files under Tables to Export until you locate starter.   Once located, CLICK to          place a check box.
d) Ensure the radio button below is set on Export to Self-Contained File and adjust the SQL file        name from DumpCURRENTDATE to Starter_DumpCURRENTDATE
e) Click on Start Export

f) Once the export has completed, you should notice the DUMP file located in your documents         folder under your user profile.

Starter_Dump file should now be in your DUMPS folder

Step 2

Creating the SQL Database


NOTE: Database name should be the same as the Starter folder name you create in the next step.


a) Open the MySql Connection and select Data Import/Restore
b) Ensure the radio button is on Import for Self-Contained File and pointed towards your Starter        Dump file
c) Click NEW and in all lower case, create your schema name
d) Select Start Import

e) Once your Import has completed (image shown below) you will now create your Starter folder.

f) Locate the StarterHolder folder, drill in and duplicate the STARTER folder.   Rename the               Starter-Copy to the same name you have used for the Schema. At this point you can use case     sensitive to create the folder name.

g) Move your newly named park folder into the Production folder.


Step 3


Setting up Unique Park profile


a) Locate the Park folder and select the ASTRASTARTDEV file.


b) Click CANCEL on the Logon screen below and enter the following credentials to enter the            Session Details window.

User   astra

Password astra

c) Enter the park name in the session name field.   This Park name does not have to match the        registered name in full but ideally should match to avoid confusion.
d) Enter database name. This MUST equal the name you have created in the MySQL                        Workbench.


When complete SAVE this window and exit ASTRA


e) Log back into ASTRA and at the login screen, enter the following credentials


User   shrek9

Password pix!


Once ASTRA has loaded, you will need to display both the OWNER screen and PROPERTY screen and display them side by side.

To do this, follow the menu selections below.

Application -->Admin -->App Security -->Owner

Application -->Admin -->App Security -->Property


You should now have both Owner (on the right) and Property (on the left) screens open.

f) Proceed by first clicking on the Owner window lock feature to allow for edits.


Using the Read and Save sheet, make the following changes (outlined below) on both the Owner and Property window.   Once complete, click the lock image to lock the changes and select UPDATE on each screen.


IMPORTANT – the UPDATE button MUST be set on the owner screen prior to the clicking the UPDATE button on the Property window.


g) Once both the Owner and Property screens have been updated (NOTE: Property screen will remain displayed), proceed to opening the Owner screen to re display.
h) With both screens open, click the Contact TAB from the property window to display the Property Address.
i) Proceed with the input of the property address, time zone, phone, email and website. Once complete, select Copy Contact to Property from the Owner Window.


NOTE: The copy will not include the Time Zone that had been set in the Owner window.   Please re select the appropriate Time Zone in the property window


If the park is TRANSACTION BASED (Model A or D), please click the Aspira Model check box and enter the code 389 to activate.

Click the lock image to close and UPDATE on both the Owner and Property windows. Remember to Update the Owner window first.

j) Last step is to set the Company name for the POS.  

Load the Companies screen by selecting Setup -->Customers -->Companies

k) Edit and change the Name field to the property you are setting up. Select SAVE and EXIT            ASTRA.

l) Final step is to log back into ASTRA and ensure the Property Name is displayed in the areas       outlined below. Your database is now ready for production.