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Running the BookYourSite Invoicing Report

The BookYourSite admin portal is used to run the Babin Report. This report is utilized for calculating the transactions for invoicing.

Running the BookYourSite (BYS) monthly billing Report





Email     ar@aspiraconnect.com

Password   BYS123

Once you are logged in, from the menu on the left you will select Reports

From the Babin Report date selector, choose the required report dates.   In most if not all cases, the prior month will be entered and used for invoicing.

Example Sept 1st – the dates entered should be Aug 1st as the start and Aug 31st as the end.


NOTE: You can rerun the reports as often as necessary.   A lengthy time (example – full year) frame should be avoided.

Click on the arrow next to RUN and select Excel.   The report will calculate, run and download an excel file to your local machine. The file name will appear in a similar fashion as shown below, simple click the arrow button and select Show in Folder to locate file to open.

Excel file will open as shown in the image below. Simply edit as necessary to widen the columns to view. All Demo and non-billable accounts are now listed under its respective group. No other adjustments are required.