Implementation - Part A 5. Setting the BYS Stub

The BYS Stub is required for all ASTRA clients who wish to use BYS, ASTRA Go, Text Messaging and Waiversign. The Stub is also required for Clients that are Transaction Based - Model D or A. Classic clients using BYS also require a stub creation.

Setting the BYS Stub


All new ASTRA parks regardless of Model requires a BYS stub. This stub allows the client to integrate with BookYourSite, and utilize WaiverSign and Text Messaging.

NOTE: Ensure you have the Read and Save handy as you will need the UserName Password assigned to the park


  • enter your email and password

example BYSAdmin


Select New Park from the menu on the left


Enter Required Park Info (all can be pulled from the Read and Save sheet)




Example pulled from Read and Save sheet



  • select from the drop down NON-BYS-ASTRA


Park Info shown below is all that is required for a stub creation. Once complete, scroll to the bottom and select SAVE


Select Park and EDIT in search list.   

Click Open Park.  Open Park will prepare the park on the server end to allow for online reservations.   

NOTE:  Open Park DOES NOT refer to allowing reservations.   This is simply park of the process that needs to occur within the database.


The park stub is now set.