Implementation - Part A 4. Setting up the Accounting Portal for Model A and D only - ASTRA

The Accounting Portal is required for both the clients to download detail of their weekly deposit, and for Finance to audit and calculate the fees and net transfers back to the client each week.

Keep your Read and Save Sheet handy to pull information from. 

Model A is the Aspira Processing Merchant Account.  (Process may change with FF) 

Transaction Fee is $3.50 

Cancellation Fee is $3.50 

CC Processing Fee is 2.5% 

Model D – ASTRA only until end of life 

Transaction Fee is $4.50 

Cancellation Fee is $4.50 

CC Processing Fee is left blank as the Park’s processor will be handling 


Utilize your assigned Email and Password 


From the left menu, begin by selecting the PARK menu item and +NEW PARK 

Fill out all park info.  Each field is required 

Park Type – accept Default for Model A, otherwise select Model D . 

Limit Refunds – redundant (can ignore).  This was put in place hand in hand with ASTRA at the start of Covid.   

Custom Billing – Place a check in the box to activate 

Transaction Fee  

set to $3.50 for Model A 
set to $4.50 for Model D 

Cancellation fee  

set to $3.50 for Model A 
set to $4.50 for Model D 

Credit Card Percent 

Set to 2.5% for Model A 

Set to ZERO for Model D 

Place a check mark on REPORT and select CREATE PARK 

If Model D – this requires further reach out to the client.  

Model D is a transaction-based model but allows for the client to onboard their own processor that is applicable with the Bridgepay Integration.    

A client wishing to onboard MUST use our partner to board Bridgepay – that cannot board with another integrator. 

The following must go to the client and be returned all together to begin the onboarding process 


1. Bridgepay Non Infintech Setup – hand out to client and request the following 

Returned filled out and signed 

2. Scanned Void Cheque 
3. VAR sheet (this will come from the processor) 


All 3 items are emailed to Infintech at the following email addresses 

cc to and 


The completed Integration Credit Card Setup Sheet is normally returned within a couple days.     Once received, upload to Box as well as implementation.