ASTRA - Manual - Storing Credit Card Info

Putting a credit card on file

The profile must be created prior to storing (tokenizing) their credit card information.

There are 2 ways to store their information. 

1st  option:

Go to Find and search by the last name, as shown below.

Click on Wallet under Folio, as shown below

Enter you ID and press OK

It will bring you the screen below to collect their payment. You can collect $1 and it will show as a balance in their account. Therefore when they start their booking, if they owe you $40, they will owe you $39.

As you can see below, the customer has $1 in their account, as a balance we owe.

2nd  Option:

You can click on this yellow Icon below.

You can just collect 0.01 to tokenize (store) their credit card info.

You can click on the money Icon below, in order to check their info was stored correctly.

As you can see, the info is stored correctly.