BookYourSite Integration 1. Syncing BookYourSite to prepare for Online Integrations

Syncing BookYourSite to either ASTRA or Campground Manager will allow the campground to accept online reservations through their applicable software. The Sync process pulls in all site types, applicable sites and charges.

Begin by logging into BYS (BookYourSite)


  • enter your email and password

example BYSAdmin

Search for the park you wish to prepare the Sync process


1.  Select EDIT on the park you would like to SYNC

2.  Change Software field to ASTRA/Campground Manager if not already in place.    This is simply a trigger to color code the park list.  

3.  Select INITIAL SYNC from pull down menu

4.  Once complete  a display message will appear on the bottom left), select ASTRA SYNC from pull down menu.

5.   While remaining on your selected park, select UNIT TYPES from the left hand menu

6.  All Unit Types set up in the client's ASTRA database will be displayed and need to be activated.  Place a check mark next to all applicable ACTIVE Unit Types and place Length Required on all applicable types such as FIFTH WHEEL, MOTORHOME, TRAILER.  

7.  Once complete, select SITETYPES from the left hand menu (directly displayed above UNIT TYPES)

a) Ensure all site types that will utilized online have been marked ACTIVE.  If all are marked ACTIVE, randomly EDIT a couple types and scroll to ensure all charges have been synced as well.   Most times there will NOT be an issue with this.

b) If a site type is NOT marked ACTIVE, you must EDIT the type and mark ACTIVE  on the secondary window and select SAVE.  In this case, most times you will also need to sync the INPUT CHARGES.

c) If a SYNC of INPUT CHARGES is needed, refer to point 3 above and select Input Charges