Implementation - Part A 3. Testing the newly created Merchant Account for Bridgepay Model A

To ensure the Merchant Account as been set correctly in Bridgepay and allow for an adjustments prior to being implementated in ASTRA

Testing the newly created Merchant Account for Bridgepay Model A 


Utilize the aspiracreditcard test park located on the DEV/PROD server for testing. 

NOTE:  You will need to first be logged into the VPN to access and will need the Credit Card Setup Credentials doc you have created. 


IP : 

Log in with your assigned credentials and locate the test database (path shown below) 

Log into ASTRA with the Shrek9/pix! Credentials. 

Step 1 

Change the Payment Server Settings 

Application -> Admin -> Payment Servers 

The Bridgepay integration is already set up for you – simply edit the settings as necessary to test the merchant account setup. 


Select the Merchant TAB and View 


Description automatically generated


The following two fields need to be edited.   Change both and save. 

Auth Key 

Merchant No 


Step 2 

Change the Credit Card Settings 

Admin -> App Security -> Property 

Select the Payment Cards TAB from the Property window and change the last 4 digits (directly following the word aspira) of the KEYED data input only and select UPDATE to save. 

Enter a pymt amount on an existing sale 

Work -> Sales -> Transaction Dashboard 


Select the WALLET image below 

Graphical user interface, application, Excel

Description automatically generated


Use the ID 1234 and select OK 

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Enter Payment Amount – (for ease enter 1.00) and select Authorize 

Enter the TEST credit card #, valid expiry date and select Process 

Credit Card # 

4111 1111 1111 1111 (enter as a continuous string) 

Expiry Date 

MMYY (greater than current date) 

Confirmation of test results should appear as below.    


If any message other than the one below is displayed, follow the steps below. 

  • Check your Payment Server and Payment Card settings in ASTRA 

If ok 

  • Go back to Bridgepay and adjust your settings where necessary.