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What are the differences between Campground Manager Classic and Astra Software?

  • Speedy flexible SQL database
    Astra allows native connections to all leading databases, including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and other JDBC/ODBC compliant databases, providing enough processing power and versatility for the job at hand.
  • Multiplatform
    • Astra can operate natively on both Mac OSX, Windows or in a mixed operating system environment.
    • Real Time Online Bookings through BookYourSite.com

Astra can receive and process online bookings while you sleep! Complete integration between Astra and our online portal BookYourSite.com allows up-to-the minute availability and pricing that you’ve come to expect in other industries like hotels and airlines

  • Advanced Rate Scheme Capabilities and multi tier pricing
    Design rates schemes for daily, weekly, monthly or annual customers. Tier pricing from the longest to shortest period. Span rates over peak and low seasons. Set different prices for any day of the week. There’s no figuring or manual calculation necessary. It automatically follows the rules you set.
  • Integrated Point of Sale module for your camp store
    Point of Sale functionality is built into Astra. This gives you the power to completely integrate all facets of your operation into one software package. Easily add additional charges or store purchases to any customer folio. Detailed inventory tracking and purchase ordering let you manage your stock levels and order the right amount of stock delivered when you need it.
  • Multi Park Capabilities
    Manage more than one park within the same database. Quickly move between locations to view and enter data. Park transactions remain separately tagged but can be combined to get consolidated reporting or search for availability across multiple properties. Talk to our sales staff for more details.
  • Integrated Map and Grid combination
    Get the best of both worlds with our Map and Grid combination. Easily move between the interactive grid and map while viewing detailed customer information all on the same screen. The grid is terrific for locating vacant slots of time while the map is ideal for seeing the big picture, location oriented view of the park. It is perfect for new staff helping them get familiar with the park quickly.
  • Advanced Discounting and Commission Capabilities
    Assign multiple discounts in any combination to accommodations, store items or services. Discounts can be configured to require a valid coupon code or membership number for validation. Discounts can be a percentage or dollar amount and can work for both online or walkup customers. Sales commissions can also be tracked using Astra.
  • Create and Manage Quotes
    Transactions can be created and stored as a quote indefinitely. A quote can be turned into a live transaction by simply changing its status. Store multiple stay scenarios for the same customer until they finalize their decision. Clear old expired quotes with one mouse click.
  • Membership Tracking
    Create and store membership information for loyalty tracking and discount programs.
  • Strong Financial Reporting, Audit Trail and Accounting Integration
    Accurate, reliable financial reporting is the cornerstone of Astra. Solid day-end procedures ensure that funds are balanced and journal entries are recorded for use with Quick Books Pro G/L and other accounting packages. A complete audit trail exists making it easy to track down errors.
  • Customized look and feel
    Create you own look and feel by setting list, font and background colors for any system user. Change the layout of any list or report displaying only the data you want to see and in any order required.
  • Multi Language capabilities.
    Astra uses built in translation tables to display all window labels and messages. Because of this unique design all screens can be quickly translated into other languages.
  • Clean, easy user interface
  • Cloud or Locally Hosted
    Astra can be hosted on our cloud servers through our SaaS (software as a service) option or hosted locally on your own park network. The SaaS option requires high speed, reliable internet at your park to be a feasible solution. There are pros and cons with each alternative but what’s most important is, that you have the option to choose what’s right for you!
  • Security
    Login requires a security code and based on this code a user can be granted access to specific areas of the program. There are 3 predefined user levels namely Manager, Assistant and Clerk. Software administrators can create their own variations of these default user levels for special cases if they wish.